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About Us

Founded in the year 2015 as a small company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu of only 6 employees, we have grown now to over 25+ employees and providing services across India. With over years of experience and having worked in projects of different sizes, we have studied and mastered the art of capturing your precious moments and documenting them to natural candid pictures that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.


Based out of Chennai, Tamilnadu, we are always open to travel across any part of India to make your big day a long-lasting memorable one. The photographers of Vivid Captures have always been quick on their feet and moving around different parts of the country to ensure a hassle free service is experienced by the clients and their family. We put a strong emphasis on the quality of the work that we deliver and we understand it very clearly that the moments we capture today are your memories for tomorrow. Apart from that, all our photographers take a great pleasure in standing behind the lens and looking through it passionately. We cover every portfolio, be it a wedding photography or a birthday shoot or a maternity shoot and so on.

Our experience also includes working with people from the film industry and celebrity models. We believe every client has their own likes and dislikes and we are well aware of it and at Vivid Captures, we always try & provide an estimation fitting all the clients needs and requirements out of an event.

Our Founder

A Passionate photographer at the age of 16, who worked his way up by studying the science behind lights and lens with professionalism to start his own photography & videography business by the age of 23. ​

I run my business and provide services by these lines "Customer Service cannot be a department in the company, it is the responsibility of everyone representing the company".


​Jetheen Rajasekaran

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